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Lumosity Review

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PROS / This brain training site provides a variety of online brain games that cater to improving specific cognitive abilities and custom-tailored courses for every area of the brain.

CONS / The customer service options lack live chat support and a telephone number for technical support.

 VERDICT / Lumosity is a powerful resource for anyone from students to retirees who are looking to increase cognitive development.

Lumosity provides the site features, online brain training programs and additional resources to help you improve all areas of your brain, increasing your brain power and overall mental health and clarity. Lumosity has been heralded as a leader in brain fitness, trumping many traditional brain games and puzzle stores in its selection of online-only brain games, dedication to brain health and focus on helping you "reclaim your brain." Lumos Labs, a neuroscience research and development company, is the genius behind Lumosity. With some of the brightest minds at its disposal, Lumos Labs created this particular brain training website to help you increase your cognitive abilities. According to Lumosity, 14 million people are currently registered users of our TopTenREVIEWS Silver Award recipient, and with thousands more joining every day, Lumosity is on its way to becoming the number one brain games source in the world.

Product Selection

With a Lumosity account, you have access to an assortment of brain games and courses that allow you to increase your brain power and improve your overall brain health.

This brain games site offers brain fitness programs that are both entertaining and challenging, and they focus on the following cognitive areas:

  • Speed
  • Memory
  • Attention
  • Problem Solving
  • Flexibility

Each game that you encounter is categorized under one of these cognitive areas. So if you know you need to improve memory or cognitive speed, then choose to play games that focus on increasing your brain fitness in those areas. Although each brain game has a core focus, there is a bit of cross training that occurs.

The brain games that Lumosity offers are a fantastic way to give your brain a 360-degree workout. With the prowess of Lumos Labs and other research collaborators, the Lumosity Courses go a step beyond the brain games, using formulated technology to create a brain training routine that incorporates a mix of brain training exercises.

This brain games site categorizes these courses into four sections. Each course ranges from 20 to 40 daily sessions, each lasting between 15 and 30 minutes:

Core Brain Training – These brain training exercises take you through a variety of brain games that are designed to offer a "thorough and well-rounded training framework." Core brain courses focus on increasing your mental processing speed, memory, attention, verbal abilities, word recall, concentration, problem solving, visual perception and more.

Peak Performance – This regimen may prove a bit difficult, especially if you are just beginning brain training. This course selection challenges you to exert brain power and perform each exercise to your very best ability. You may want to hold off enrolling in this course until you have done a few training sessions already.

Student – For the collegialities and high school students, the Lumosity Scholar brain training course emphasizes "key cognitive areas important to performance in school and standardized tests." The Lumosity Math Tutor course helps children with math and reasoning skills.

Medical Conditions – This brain training course signifies the devotion that Lumosity has to improving brain health. There are several courses that are designed specifically for those with ADHD, mild traumatic brain injury and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, as well as courses designed to improve memory in cancer patients and those recovering from chemotherapy.

Brain Health

The adage "You can't teach an old dog new tricks" has been disproved again and again by modern neurologists and psychologists. Today, companies like Lumos Labs, with their dedicated neuroscience team, have capitalized on brain fitness and are continually researching cognitive development ideas. Lumos Labs has recently raised millions of dollars to help them further invest in brain health research and develop brain games and brain training courses to allow you to further invest in your brain health.

According to Lumosity, targeting, adaptability, novelty, engagement and completeness are five critical characteristics that each brain game and training program must have in order to effectively increase cognitive abilities. These characteristics have led Lumosity to offer hosts of games that train specific areas of your brain, helping you improve word skills, problem solving, critical thinking, short- and long-term memory, visual perception, coordination and more.

Site Features

When you create an account with this brain training site, you are able to choose a monthly, yearly, two-year or lifetime membership, each with their own fee, all of which are very affordable in comparison to the fantastic benefits that await you. Once you are an account holder, the brain training begins. Playing games earns you points that accumulate to an overall score and Brain Performance Index (BPI). As you develop and delve deeper into your brain training, you are able to see assessments of your performance and compare them with others your age.

In addition to participating in brain games and daily course work, this brain training site encourages you to take Lumosity Assessments regularly. These assessments evaluate your cognitive abilities, such as attention, flexibility, speed, memory, math processing, short-term memory and more.

Once you've been training for a few weeks, you may wonder if there's more that you can do to further increase your brain power and brain health. Yes, yes there is. The Brain Grade assessment asks you a series of questions concerning your physical exercise routine, diet, health, lifestyle, current stage of memory and more. At the end of your assessment, you will receive a brain grade, but don't worry, you can always take the test again to improve your grade. The Brain Health Report breaks down your answers and lets you know which areas you need to improve and what you can do to aid your own healthy brain development.

Customer Service

You have the option to contact Lumosity through an online contact form or through social media channels such as Twitter and Facebook. We were a bit disappointed in these limited customer service options, as the rest of this brain training site is exceptional. The Help Center is your main source of information for the site. Here, you are able to view FAQs and their answers about several key elements, including:

  • Accounts and Billing
  • Lumosity Program
  • Gifts
  • Mobile


When you play any brain game or go through your brain training course sessions, you know that each session has been researched, developed, tried and tested by a team of neuroscientists at Lumos Labs. We are more than thoroughly impressed with the dedication this brain training site has to brain health; they provide games and resources that not only target and train every area of your brain, but help you gain confidence in yourself and your cognitive abilities. Although we were disappointed in the customer service section, we definitely understand why this brain training site has 14 million users, and counting. Lumosity, you can definitely count us in.