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Fit Brains Review

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PROS / This brain games site uses intuitive technology that measures your performance on various games and adjusts your brain training according to your skill level.

CONS / There are no brain games for kids, and there is no live chat customer service option available.

 VERDICT / Fit Brains makes it clear why you should focus on increasing your brain fitness levels by providing an equal balance of brain health information and actual brain training.

Brain games and puzzle stores are in high demand as more and more studies prove the connection between brain fitness and mental health. Yearning to meet the demand, the multi-level gaming company Vivity Labs Inc. specializes in neuroscience and, with their team of scientists, psychologists and neurologists, created Fit Brains. An account and subscription to this brain games website provides you with access to a variety of interactive games that target your entire brain.

Product Selection

Fit Brains offers brain training games that focus on improving your memory, concentration, visual perception and word skills. Before playing a brain game, you are able to read detailed instructions and choose your skill level. On every brain game page, Fit Brains includes a list of Life Benefits the brain game provides and brain skills it targets.

Brain Health

Studies have shown that stimulation of the brain increases overall brain health, thus providing increased mental clarity and longevity. This brain fitness site offers a variety of categories, and brain games within those categories, that target specific areas of the brain. But this brain game site also encourages cross training, which allows your mind to expand and improve across the board

Personalized tools and Brain Fitness Metrics, such as Brain Points, track and measure your performance and award you accordingly. If this is your first time dabbling in the brain games arena, it might be intimidating. Brain Points allow you to set clear, focused goals to motivate you to participate in brain training and brain exercise games. Fit Brains awards Brain Points according to your game performance and how often you add variety to your brain fitness regimen.

By adding cross training to your physical exercise routine, you burn more calories and tone different muscles in your body. It is the same with brain fitness. Fit Brain's Brain Circuit Trainers help you met your goals and add variety. There are two types of Brain Circuit Trainers: Target Trainers and Cross Trainers. Target Trainers recommend games for you to play that focus on a specific cognitive function, such as memory, problem solving or critical thinking. Cross Trainers guide you through a variety of brain games that train all areas of your brain.

One of our favorite brain health features on this brain games site is the Brain Health Science section. Here, the experts at Fit Brains break down brain health and brain fitness and teach you how to build a strong Brain Reserve for increased brain functioning and overall development.

Site Features

Before you can participate in any brain games, Fit Brains recommends you take their compatibility test, which scans your computer system and compiles a mini report summarizing the browser you should use, if your image software is up to date, and whether your internet connection and speed are up to par for optimal game performance.

After your compatibility test, you have the option to set your Daily Workout Goal and Weekly Workout Goal, and you can also invite your friends from Facebook. The ability to connect with your Facebook friends through Brain Fit is a fantastic feature that will allow you and your family and friends to motivate each other as you play a variety of brain games. As you play each game, you are awarded Brain Points and have the ability to earn trophies and achievements for the brain games you play.

The Leaderboards site feature is another way for you to connect with fellow Fit Brains addicts. Leaderboards allow you to view your rankings and compare them to other Fit Brains users, Brain Trivia Leaders and Top 100 Leaders for each game.

The additional resources provided by this brain games store are pretty extensive. We were especially impressed with the Lifestyle Tips section of the brain fitness site. Here, you are able to view short articles that address five lifestyle issues: Mental, Spiritual, Nutrition, Physical and Social. Each article is fairly short and offers easy-to-understand tips for maintaining a healthy body and mind.

Customer Service

Although this brain games site is headquartered in Canada, you can contact them from the U.S. for technical support by email or phone. A FAQs section is available for technical questions, as well as for your general brain games and brain fitness questions. You can also contact this brain games store through social media outlets like Twitter and Facebook. Behind Fit Brains is a small army of experts in each of their related fields. We would have really liked to see that expertise carried over to a live chat support option where customers could ask Brain Fit questions about specific games and account information.


Fit Brains provides a balanced atmosphere by offering a fair amount of brain games and additional resources so you are able to participate in brain training activities and also learn what you can be doing mentally, spiritually, physically and socially to maintain a healthy body and a healthy brain for increased well being. We were disappointed that this great brain games site does not offer live chat support or brain games for kids.