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Brain Games & Puzzle Stores Review

Why Brain Games?

You inherited your nose from your mother, your blue eyes from your father and your red hair from your grandfather. But from whom did you inherit your brain? Your ability to remember everything you see, solve complicated math problems, dissect an issue and problem solve? Everyone knows you can easily change your physical features – the nose with plastic surgery, the eyes with colored contacts and the red hair with hair dye. The brain, above all other parts of your body, is the most mysterious, but you can change it, too.

Your brain is like every other muscle in your body. It needs exercise. With the help of brain games and brain fitness activities, you can train your brain to do marvelous things. Brain games help with visual perception, word skills, critical thinking, memory, coordination, problem solving and concentration in both children and adults. Studies show that by maintaining a healthy brain, you can help offset many mental diseases, such as Alzheimer's or dementia, and aid in the control of ADHD.

Brain games and puzzle stores, such as Marbles: The Brain Store, Lumosity and Fat Brain Toys, are the ideal locations to purchase the best brain fitness games, such as brain teasers and puzzles to get your mind in shape. For more information, please visit our Learning Center to read additional articles on brain games and puzzle stores and reference the best brain games store comparisons and reviews to find the one that fits your needs.

Brain Games & Puzzle Stores: What to Look For

Before you head straight to your big-box department store to purchase a run-of-the-mill game, may we suggest you take a look at one of our top 10 brain games and puzzle stores? Here you will find an excellent selection of brain games that improve your overall brain health. Below are the criteria we used in our evaluation, as well as information on exactly what you should look for in a brain games store:

Product Selection
Options, we all love them. Brain fitness encompasses many areas, such as increased focus and concentration, problem solving, strategic planning and more. When choosing among brain games and puzzle stores, make sure the store offers a selection of games that fit your brain fitness needs.

Brain Health
Our number one brain fitness store, Marbles: The Brain Store, has a fantastic selection of games that cater to specific cognitive conditions and behaviors, such as ADD, as well as various learning disorders and mental illnesses. Other brain games and puzzle stores, such as Lumosity, feature a variety of online games to improve memory, mental clarity, problem solving and more.

Some of the brain games and puzzle stores featured in our review are not solely brain games stores, but they also sell other products. If you want to purchase a strategy game or card game (both of which are great for brain training), then choose brain games and puzzle stores that have a variety of these games as well. If you are focused on brain health and are looking for games that will aid in offsetting Alzheimer's disease or help control your child's ADHD, we suggest choosing a store that truly dedicates their site to providing the brain games, features and additional resources you need.

Site Features
Site features improve the store's overall ease of use. Choose a site that is simple to use and to navigate. Although this is a brain fitness store, you should not have to strain that brain to figure out how to use the site's features and functions. To make finding that perfect brain game easier, choose a brain games and puzzle store that has search and filtering capabilities, as well as clearly defined feature tabs.

If you choose a brain fitness store that sells actual, physical games (as opposed to games you play online), you'll want to create an account. This will allow you to enter shipping and payment information for speedy checkouts, track all of your orders, view purchase history, add products to a wishlist and receive exclusive coupons. If you opt for an online brain trainer, creating an account allows you full access to all the brain games, additional resources and automatic monthly and yearly subscription renewals.

Customer Service
In our review of the best brain games and puzzle stores, you'll see we've included a mix of stores that sell physical brain games and websites that allow you to play mind games online for a fee. Depending on which kind of store you choose, you may find that you have different customer service needs. For both kinds of brain games and puzzle stores, look for a site that offers several customer support options, such as email and telephone support, as well as social media support through Twitter and Facebook. Live chat support and YouTube tutorials are also fantastic advanced help options. If you're purchasing a tangible brain game, you'll also need access to a FAQs section for shipping and return information.

Brain fitness, health and clarity are essential to a happy, full life. There are so many things you can do right now, including brain training exercises, that will benefit you, no matter your age. Brain games and puzzle stores can help you find the perfect games for you and for your loved ones.

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